The Boy & The Bear Coffee Roastery, Culver City


come here for the...

Colombian-sourced coffee, design-forward aesthetic, relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, gray on gray on gray. 

WIFI yes   OUTLETS  yes   SEATING  indoors   FOOD  yes   PARKING  lot + street 

First there was "The Black Store", and then came "The Gray Store", a name officially and affectionately given to The Boy & The Bear's second cafe in Culver City. From the baseboards to the chairs to the exposed ceiling pipes, most everything you see here is bathed in a sea of gray, a coordinated aesthetic no doubt. It's industrial vibe and monochrome color palette was a deliberate decision to unify and characterize the space. Owner/Founder Andres, a graphic designer by trade, carefully crafts every detail of his coffee bar, from packaging to the style of his furniture and even their matte black ceramic cups and saucers which, in the design world, is known as "tone on tone". Will he open a third location, and if so, will he call it "The White Store"? We can only hope. What you'll find here are plenty of outlets, counter seating at each end of the coffee bar, two large and plush couches, as well as baked goods and some additional food offerings to compliment your specialty Colombian coffee.

Interesting Fact: the banner displaying their logo was inspired by watching "too much Game of Thrones".  

The Boy and The Bear's original location and roasting facility is located in Redondo Beach. I think it's important to note that TB & TB cares deeply about supporting and representing the coffee community, both in how their product is sourced and how it is presented to us, the consumer. Their website states that, "70% of our Colombian coffees are what we call Direct Relationship Coffees. This means we have establish a solid relationship with the coffee growers and there is no third party involved in purchasing the green coffee. These coffee are exclusive to The Boy & The Bear."

HOURS daily 7:00-7pm   COFFEE MENU $3 (americano) — $5.5 (pour over)


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