Hi-Fi Espresso


come here for the...

70's-themed decor, Counter Culture coffee, monthly membership*, draft kombucha, uplifting/modern/bright space, rear patio, cold AC. 

WIFI yes   OUTLETS yes   SEATING limited indoor + patio   FOOD pastries + toasts   PARKING free lot

Over the course of just one short year, Hi-Fi Espresso has fully established themselves into their surrounding beach community. It's the kind of place where neighbors become regulars become new friends, and that's just the way they like it. 

Husband/wife founders Jeff and Karen put a lot of work into the shop's design, infusing xxxx. Can't name that tune that's being played? The record is always displayed on the countertop. They also happily carry compostable cups, lids, utensils, and paper straws. 

Even though they have wifi, I wouldn't recommend trying to work here, unless you can do it from your mobile device. The space is beautiful but also tight, so visits are on the shorter side. Counter space is shallow...more akin to reading. It's a working spot, hence their bright green neon sign, "Free Hi-Fi", which is both a nod to their overall vibe and a take on "Free WiFi". I would say work-friendly on account of the outlets inside—the owners even added a second router on their back patio to allow customers to log on outside as well. 

*For $50/month, you get one drink of your choice (coffee/tea/kombucha) per day! That's up to 31 drinks a month. No need to carry cash or card; just simply order with your name, and you're all set. Any additional purchases, including merchandise, food, pastries, juices, and "extras" (additional shot of espresso, alternative milks, syrups), are considered add-ons and are automatically billed to your account. 

HOURS daily 7:00-4p.m.   COFFEE MENU $3/3.5 (daily brew) — $6 (Bee's Knees)


Photos: Eater LA and Hifiespresso.com