Blue Bottle Coffee, Culver City

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 8.42.50 PM.png

come here for the...

custom coffee drip bar, house-made granola, gravity-defying cantilevered mezzanine (complete with staircase seating).

WIFI no   OUTLETS no   SEATING limited/mostly upstairs   FOOD pastries   PARKING  *parking garage

When you see that iconic blue bottle, you know you're about to experience one of the OG's of third-wave coffee. Located in Culver City's curated shopping complex, The Platform, this outpost of Blue Bottle is referred to as their "Hayden Tract Cafe" and is surrounded by some very distinguished company. For the reason that they don't offer WiFi, I indulge in activities that don't require a plugging my nose into a good book or sketching out a comic that I'll never end up finishing. This is a coffee shop that encourages you to slow down the fast pace of life. If you aren't upstairs in their mezzanine level, you can find seating outside on the rear patio. I also enjoy taking my coffee to-go and perusing all the neighboring merchants (and pop-ups) that fill this bright and peppy shopping destination.

*Insider Tip: they will validate your parking!

As of June 2018, there are one dozen Blue Bottle's in L.A., including a cafe that is set to arrive in Century City. Coffee aficionados should be aware that they host brew classes every month, which you can learn more about here.  Interesting fact: the history of the Blue Bottle name dates back to the late about it here

HOURS  6:00-6pm Mon-Fri; 7:00-6pm Sat & Sun   COFFEE MENU $3 (espresso) — $4.5+ (coffee from drip bar)


Photo by: EaterLA