Collage Coffee

WIFI no OUTLETS no SEATING limited + outdoor only FOOD pastries + tartines PARKING metered + neighborhood



grab-and-go coffee enjoyment, charming “hidden” courtyard, Ruby Coffee Roasters, Insta-ready tilework.

Measuring in at 200 total square feet, Collage Coffee is undeniably cozy. In fact, unless you are the third (or maybe fourth) customer, you will be standing just outside their door on York Boulevard which, I will add, isn’t a bad place to be waiting in line. Kill time by admiring the vibrant patterned tiles featured on both the exterior and interior of the shop (designed by FAILE, the Brooklyn-based street-art duo Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller) or by imagining what kind of fresh donut is being baked just across the street. It’s no wonder that Collage Coffee’s slogan is “Colorful Coffees”! Exclusively serving Wisconsin-based Ruby Coffee Roasters, Collage Coffee’s small size appeals to the to-go coffee customer…unless you have a few moments for a lovely (and hidden) outdoor space.

So, where’s this courtyard exactly? I had to ask for directions my first go-around, so don’t feel too bad if it’s coordinates are not so obvious to you. Directions: turn left as you exit Collage Coffee, then walk a handful of strides down York Blvd. until you meet a narrow alley on your left—there will be a sign that reads: Seating For Collage Coffee…Please No Smoking. Comprised of large stepping stones and small pebbles, this pathway culminates in a charming little patio that’s completely open to the sky. What you’ll find here are 3 blue, bistro-style tables with matching chairs, a weathered brick wall opposite a large wooden planter, and lights strung out overhead. I learned that because Collage’s "for here" (PKK Ceramics) mugs are smaller than their "to-go" cups, they end up charging you a little less for your latte if you chose to enjoy it there, which I find very conscientious and decent of them. 

Insider Info: Situated directly opposite the chop’s entrance is a tree surrounded by a bench, which regulars affectionately refer to as ”the island”.

And remember…Collage Coffee closes everyday at 3 p.m. 


COFFEE MENU $3 (drip) — $5 (mocha) HOURS 7a.m.—3p.m. everyday

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