Deus Ex Machina


come here for the...

horsepower, thoughtfully-designed spaces inside and out, full-fledged retail shop, rotating jams, courtyard.

WIFI yes   OUTLETS limited   SEATING indoor/outdoor   FOOD yes   PARKING free lot + neighborhood parking

This is not your dainty, neon-lit, marble-clad coffee shop. Though the building’s large marquee, a nod to its previous life as a flower shop, may be deemed Insta-worthy, people are attracted to Deus Ex Machina because it’s raw in a comforting sort of way and delivers some serious horsepower. And by horsepower, I mean as it refers to engines—custom-built motorcycles to be exact, the kind they sell right here across from the pastry display case.

Originating as a motorcycle brand turned retail/cafe concept, Deus features a high dose of masculinity with concrete floors, wood slabs, leather and metal materials, as well as surfboards, men’s clothing, and gear that caters to the free spirited biker crew. Though it’s located on one of the busiest corners of LA, Lincoln and Venice, the shop is configured so that you don't have to deal with all that clammer. It’s rear-facing courtyard is an oasis of cool.  

And how about the menu? I still opt for a cup of their daily brew paired with toasted bread, which is served with thick pads of butter and a selection of amazing jams (like 'Raspberry Habanero’ and ‘Bourbon Blood Orange Marmalade’) that are already waiting for you on the table. It definitely makes me feel European for a meal and the jams, by the way, are made by punk rock jammer turned jam-making entrepreneur Laura Anne's Jams …I’m not making this shit up. 

Indoor/outdoor seating presents a smorgasbord of choices—leather couch, large wooden community tables, benches, blocks, and bar-height seats—so indulge in the variety.

HOURS daily 7:00-7pm   COFFEE MENU $3 (espresso) — $7.25 (affogato)


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