General Porpoise

WIFI no OUTLETS no SEATING no FOOD doughnuts! PARKING valet


come here for the…

seasonal housemade doughnuts, bakery aroma, rotating selection of specialty coffee roasters, chance to be the office/birthday party hero.

Jams, jellies, curds, custards, and creams…oh my! I don’t even know the differences between these culinary fillings, but who cares? They taste unbelievable inside their warm, soft cocoons—and I’m not even a ‘doughnut person’.

I had to lead with doughnuts when introducing General Porpoise because that’s really the star of their show. Not to say that coffee is an afterthought, because they so offer a respectable program, but their owner/chef Renee Erickson is a James Beard Award-Winner. Enough said. Guests can choose from a rotating selection of specialty roasters including Counter Culture (North Carolina), Camber (Washington), Methodical (South Carolina), and Elm Coffee Roasters (Seattle), among others.

If you can avert your eyes away from the Lemon Curds, Vanilla Custards, and Chocolate Marshmallows, you’ll notice the sleek and sophisticated interiors: beautifully-tiled floors, marble-clad bar, as well as blue and pink accents—most notably the bright Strada espresso machine. You’ll also be quick to notice that there is no place to sit inside the shop, so best take your coffee (and doughnut, I hope) to-go. This is the Seattle restauranteur’s first foray outside of the state of Washington, so the residents of Palisades Village—and all Angelinos by extension—should feel very lucky.

*yes, a single doughnut will cost you just shy of $5, so make sure you’ve been thinking about it all week.

HOURS Daily 9-8p.m. COFFEE MENU $3 (drip) - $4.75 (latte); doughnut $4.95


Photo: Yelp (Seattle)