Intelligentsia, Silver Lake



ambience + people-watching, gorgeous architecture, sprawling patio, pour over coffee selection, late closing time.

WIFI yes  OUTLETS no   SEATING indoor/outdoor   FOOD pastries   PARKING street + metered

Inside Silver Lake's Sunset Junction, a marvelous blue-tiled patio and lofty pair of archways are among the first signs that Intelligentsia is no ordinary coffee shop. In fact, both this brand and this particular coffeebar are pioneers of third-wave coffee in Los Angeles. During peak hours, a line is usually snaking out the front door—but don't let that deter you from getting your morning fix. You'll be entertained just observing the personalities and fashions that glide in and out of this iconic cafe. The entry portico is incredibly inviting and architecturally delightful with a full-length glass and steel facade separating the outdoor part of the cafe from the interior. The sea of blue tiles continues inside to a u-shaped bar where guests order, pick-up, and take a seat. A bag of their single origin coffee beans can run upwards of $17-19, but be reminded that brewing at home is always a money-saver—plus it makes an impressive gift. Twinkling lights strung from the patio illuminate this invigorating space well past sunset. 

I'll also add that this coffeebar is in good company; located steps away is a wine and cheese boutique, flower shop, and quaint Parisian cafe that of course, serves Intelligentsia beverages. 

HOURS 6:00-8pm Sun-Wed; 6:00-10pm Thurs-Sat    COFFEE MENU $3 (espresso) — $5.5 (single origin cappuccino)



additional Intelligentsia Coffee locations in SoCal: Venice Beach, Pasadena

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