La Colombe, Silver Lake


Come here for the...

coffee served to you in Italian cups and saucers, signature and dreamy draft latte on tap, nook nirvana, insta-worthy street mural.

WIFI no   OUTLETS no  SEATING indoor/outdoor   FOOD (Sugarbloom Bakery) pastries + sandos   PARKING street + metered   

When I pay a visit to Silver Lake’s La Colombe, I feel as if I’ve clicked my heels and landed in a hip corner of New York City. I chalk this feeling up to the cafe’s vibrant and cartoonish mural, stoop-style seating, and general buttoned-up yet effortlessly cool parade of patrons and passerby.

A series of grand archways welcomes you off of Sunset Boulevard and into their shady alcove. Whether here or inside, your bum will search for a wooden chair or stool that is “meant to facilitate movement as patrons see fit”. Of course, you can also snag a (stationary) bench seat if the timing is right. The cafe’s interior design resembles a more rugged version of industrial chic with exposed brick walls, concrete floors, hanging globe lights, and planters housing lush, leafy greens. Your directions to ‘coffee shop nook nirvana’ are as follows: walk past the service bar and towards the rear, ascend a short flight of steps, open the heavy door and BAM, arrive at a hollowed out space that’s anchored by a large communal table and completely open to the street on one side.

Considered one of the pioneers of third wave coffee, La Colombe is a leading roaster known for its ethical, long-term trade practices with growers. A great deal has been written about their cold-pressed espresso + frothed milk concoction, which claims the title of "first-ever draft latte" and is served on tap [Truth: upon experiencing it for the first time in D.C. I turned to my friend to say, “what is this? one of the best things I've ever tasted”]. Now, you can also find their signature textured cold latte served in a convenient can at your local grocer.

On Sundays, you may be smelling bacon and schmear from the Yeastie Boys bagels truck parked out front. The Philadelphia-based chain of coffee roasters and cafes has three additional storefronts in Los Angeles: Beverly Hills, Century City, and Frogtown.

HOURS 6:30-7pm Mon-Fri, 7:00-7pm Sun & Sat  COFFEE MENU   $3 (drip coffee) — $7/8 (pour over)


Photo by: @alanaipp

additional La Colombe locations in SoCal: Century City, Beverly Hills, Frogtown