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latte art award-winning baristas, beachfront atmosphere, spanish latte, secret menu, a taste of gritty venice street life.

WIFI no   OUTLETS one (ideal for a quick cell phone charge)   SEATING indoor + sidewalk   MENU pastries   PARKING metered

From its secret menu to its old bourbon barrels doubling as tables and newly-adopted van*, Menotti's dances to the beat of its own drum. Mere steps from the infamous Venice Beach Boardwalk, the coffee shop has been celebrated since it opened in 2013 and both the business and the customers believe wholeheartedly that coffee is an art form, and baristas are the artists. Helmed by coffee royalty Christopher "Nicely" Abel Alameda, Menotti's serves Cat & Cloud Coffee from a turquoise Linea PB. You just can't deny this cafe's classically cool attitude and incredibly talented approach to the espresso bean. 

Get to know one of Nicely's signature drinks, the Caffe Rico: a double shot of single-origin espresso, half-and-half, orange zest, a dusting of cinnamon and vanilla syrup made with pods that a friend brings back from Tahiti. I personally can't find a Spanish Latte that can even share the podium with the one from Menotti's. Every visit is a treat and I'd probably be broke if I lived within a 10-mile radius. Curious about their secret menu? There's a hanging portrait that holds the key. 

Seating consists of a communal table, skinny bar along the wall, and a handful of 2-tops both inside and on the sidewalk. There is no public bathroom here, so plan accordingly!

*Menotti's "On Wheels" delivers coffee from a van! Available for booking (424.205.7014). 

HOURS daily 7:00-6pm   COFFEE MENU $3.50 (espresso) — $6.50 (mocha)

photo by: @brunchographers