Offset Coffee Co.

WIFI yes OUTLETS 2 SEATING indoor + small front patio PARKING free lot BATHROOM yes

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friendly and non-pretentious staff, bombolinis, variety of roasters and take-home beans, relaxed vibe, clean and minimalist interiors.

Prior to Offset, the only place I knew to get coffee in the city of Torrance was at Nordstrom’s Ebar Artisan Cafe in the Del Amo Mall. Yep. No shade against the department store (that I love!) and it’s beans, but a specialty coffee setting was definitely lacking in the neighborhood.

So out comes a Korean takeout place and in comes Offset, South Bay’s only multi-roaster coffee bar brewing a fresh batch of 49th Parallel, Sweetbloom Coffee, Heart Roasters, Cat & Cloud, or perhaps MADCAP, depending on the day. If Marie Kondo walked through this contemporary space she would be gleaming because everything is in its place. Bags of beans stand shoulder to shoulder on floating shelves and pastries are neatly placed inside a glass case that’s built-in to the Carrera marble-clad coffee bar. The baristas tell me that the bombolinis (Italian donut holes filled with vanilla creme) usually sell out first and that the ‘everything bagel’ is a staff favorite. All of the treats come from DTLA-based Bakers Kneaded who mill their own grain in-house. If you’re anything like me, you’ll also notice the bar’s beautiful Birch siding, which was built by a local “wood maker hobbyist”.

Offset is actually an off-shoot of Phanny’s in Redondo Beach, a casual cash-only joint with incredible breakfast burritos and sneaky good coffee that you wouldn’t expect to find driving by the place. The same group of friends wanted specialty coffee to be more accessible in the South Bay, without sacrificing its quintessential laidback vibe, of course. I think they nailed it.

Cool Fact: When it came time to name their Torrance coffee shop, founders reflected on how their friendship grew out of a shared love and appreciation for cars. They decided they wanted a name that hinted at the auto world without being overt or too theme-y. After throwing around a bunch of terms, they landed on Offset, which relates to wheel fitment—more specifically, where the wheels fit in proportion to the axel. #offseteverything


COFFEE MENU $3.5 (drip coffee) — $5.5 (tumeric oat latte) HOURS 7-5P.M. everyday