Woodcat Coffee Bar

WIFI yes OUTLETS yes SEATING indoor FOOD pastries + tacos PARKING street/metered



pour-over menu, free WiFi, Flat Track coffee, ‘mom & pop’ feel.

First off, what’s a Woodcat? An old Scottish nickname for a hare, Woodcat is also the name of a particular song (from the UK band Tunng) that holds very personal meaning to the two owners of this Echo Park coffee shop. So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

…sit back, relax, and let the grassroots calm of Woodcat Coffee Bar wash over you. At least, that’s how I felt after crossing busy Sunset Boulevard and walking into a space replete with reclaimed wood, vintage finds, and handmade touches. Indeed, much of the interior decor looks as if it were lifted from a romantic barn out in the country—but I romanticize. Sit at one of two spacious communal tables or bar-style directly facing the service station (seat backs are few and far between here). Look up and your gaze will meet a colorful cloud formation comprised of paper, cotton balls, and shimmery gold stars. Embedded with lights, this art installation changes colors from blue to green and pink to purple.

Coffee is sourced exclusively from Flat Track (Austin, Texas); scones and cookies are baked by Sugarbird and Isabella’s Cookie Company, respectively, while Sugarbloom Bakery takes care of the rest of the pastries. You can pick up the usual specialty coffee shop suspects (chocolate bars, reusable straws, branded totes) while you’re here, too.

Here’s a lil’ tip: lighting in the back can be very dim (the trade-off of having long pendant lights) so if you need a well-lit space, opt towards the front where light from the main window can runneth over. Also, parking can be a little stressful as you are traveling on a main thoroughfare, so plan accordingly.

HOURS 6:00-6pm weekdays; 7:00-6pm weekends COFFEE MENU $3.50 (drip coffee) — $6.25 (spanish latte)


photo: @BluntKrayon